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  • Justine Hays

3 ways to keep your resolutions

As the end of 2019 approaches, we may reflect on our successes and failures, be they at work, in relationships, or with our health. Understanding how we grew in one year, helps us grow differently in the next.

If you’re looking to make resolutions in 2020, these tips will help you be more successful, whatever the resolution may be!

Make it small- If you’re making big sweeping changes, and expecting big changes quickly, you might find yourself disappointed by the time President’s Day rolls around. Keep your goals small, and achievable. When you achieve one goal, celebrate! Then, move the goal post further down the field. For example, if you’re trying to eat healthier, don’t say “I’m going to have a salad for lunch everyday,'' especially if you’re used to eating out. Give yourself some wiggle room and say, “I’m going to bring a salad once a week.” In a couple weeks, work in an additional small resolution.

Give it a deadline- With your small achievable goals, set a reasonable time frame. No one expects you to run a marathon, lose 10 pounds, or write a novel overnight. Break it up over a period of time. Break your marathon (or whatever your larger goal is) into weekly and monthly goals.

Plan, plan, plan- No matter what your 2020 resolution is, you’ll run into some hurdles. Maybe it’s a new purse when you’re trying to save money, an office birthday cake when you’re trying to cut back on sugar, or a cold, rainy day when you’re training for 10k. If you have a plan you can work around the hurdle most times. Talk about your resolutions with friends and ask them to keep you accountable. If you’re trying to find time to workout, talk to your partner about it and ask them to get up early and watch the kids so you can fit it in your schedule. If your trying to save money, ask your friends to help you come up with creative no-spend weekend plans so you can still hang together.

No matter what you’re resolution is, having reasonable goals, with a timeline and a plan will help you achieve whatever you set out to accomplish in 2020!

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